time to see the light

circa is a means to resynchronise our lives
in harmony with natural rhythms and timespans.

What if the Sun was your clock,
and the Moon was your calendar?

Realign with the nature of time.

Localised Solar Time

Daily fluctuations in sunrise and sunset times, along with the exact Solar noon, are automatically geo-located to your exact longitude + latitude.

Apparent Solar Time

Time is set to the empirical Apparent Solar Time (AST), rather than artificial construct of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Single Daily Rotation

A single hour hand rotates 360 degrees once every 24 hours, mirroring the Earth's spin on its axis.

Loose Approximates

Removal of minute and second hands relaxes time to approximates, rather than exacts.


Attune to the moon.

Localised Lunar Calendar

Lunar phase cycles are geo-located to your exact longitude + latitude in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Syzygy of Three Bodies

Spring tides occur around twice a month when the Sun, Moon, and Earth form an alignment known as a syzygy.

13 Lunar Months

Circa Lunar follows the empirical 13 moon 28-day lunar synchronometer, with a single 'day out of time'.

Luminance of Time

Departure from the linear Gregorian calendar relaxes days and months to the poetics of luminance, rather than the tyranny of numeracy.

Is it time you revalued time?

be happier

be healthier

be rested

be productive

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